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Avanty Construction - Specializing in Radon/mold mitigation in Maryland. Over 20 years experience. Radonís a deadly carcinogen entering homes across MD. Guaranteed results!


Frequently Asked Questions & Links


  • Question:
         My house is new. Isn't radon only in old homes?
         No. All homes, young or old, have the potential to have a radon problem.

  • Question:
         If I don't have a basement, can I have a radon problem?
         Yes. Slab on grade homes still have a section of wall 3 feet below grade where gas gets trapped and gets into home.

  • Question:
         What does pCi/L mean?
         This is how we term the measurement of radon. The "p" stands for picos or parts per trillion, "C" stands for curies ( Madam Curie was a female scientist who discovered radium) and "L" stands for liter, the quantity of air.

  • Question:
         I have a low radon level i.e.: 5.7 pCi/L. How dangerous is this level?
         There are several articles on the danger of low level radiation. The real question is, what is your families history? If cancer runs in your family, then you're probably at a greater risk. Cancer is linked to more than just radioactivity (i.e.: stress, food, etc) and doctors advise we don't expose ourselves to the sun for long periods of time, so why take the risk?

  • Question:
         When I had my home tested, there was an open can of paint near by. Could that have raised my radon level?
         No. There is no substance that mimics radon. Nothing in your basement will raise or lower the radon level except for radon itself.


  • Does the contractor have all appropriate licenses? Make sure you ask to see them.

  • Does the contractor charge to do estimates?

  • When talking to contractor does he/she sound knowledgeable and able to explain the what and whys of the process?

  • Did the contractor give you a bid on company letterhead with name, address, and license numbers?

  • Does bid include total cost? If not have them explain why.

  • Does the bid include a pCi/L guarantee? If not ask why.

  • Does the bid include which fan is being used and what the fan guarantee is from manufacture?

  • What gauge of pipe is being used (sch20 or sch40)? Sch40 pipe is preferred.

  • Make sure the location of the system is in writing.

  • Will the contractor include a retest after the work has been completed? If so what testing method will be used?

  • If the contractor is requiring you to do some work prior to installation have it in writing.

  • If contractor is changing sump pump, what is the pump's horsepower?

  • If the sump pit is going to be sealed be sure the sump lid has had a Drainjer installed in the lid. This device allows the sump pit to keep the ability to drain surface water should a water line ever burst, and it is an E.P.A. code!

  • The bid should include a "U" tube Manometer. This device shows the operating performance of the fan installed.

  • Have the contractor give you a date and time as to when work is to be completed.

  • Ask the contractor to prepare the contract before any work starts, and read it carefully!

  • When getting quotes over the phone be careful of contractors who low ball their price.

  • Never choose a contractor who does testing and mitigation.



All Technical Information & References in the Web Site Have Been Provided by the Environmental Protection Agency and the American Lung Association

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