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Avanty Construction - Specializing in Radon/mold mitigation in Maryland. Over 20 years experience. Radonís a deadly carcinogen entering homes across MD. Guaranteed results!


Angelo Bavetta is the Owner/Operator of Avanty Construction

Angelo Bavetta, Owner/Operator of Avanty Construction

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NEHA National Radon Proficiency Program

Born and raised in Maryland, Angelo Bavetta graduated from the University of Maryland in 1988. Angelo geared his education toward running his own business by taking classes in Business Administration, Sociology and Psychology while spending his summers working in construction.

In 1991, Angelo worked with one of the original mitigators in Maryland. He then went through the EPA Training at Rutgers in New Jersey and became a certified radon mitigator.

Since starting Avanty Construction, Angelo has continued his education in the field of radon. Angelo has also spent his free time teaching real estate agents about radon and the mitigation process at the local community college.

Angelo has installed hundreds of mitigation systems all over the state. He is a hands-on owner, installing all systems himself with the assistance of a helper. He feels this insures quality in all mitigation installations.

Please feel free to check on Avanty Construction. Our license numbers are:

  • MHIC#43566 - Maryland Home Improvement Commission
    • Enter 43566 into the search box when the page opens
  • NEHA#100052 - National Environmental Health Association
  • RCP#11976 - Radon Contractor Proficiency (RCP) program




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